Top Cafes In The World

Top Cafes In The World

Throughout time, cafes have opened up great spaces to not only quench our thirst but also serve as meeting points. Some cafes have hosted prominent figures and influential people whose meetings reverberated over time throughout history. Most of these cafes are still open, and it’s time to add this list to your bucket list: must-see coffee shops in the world!

Els Quatre Gats in Barcelona

The iconic cafe was founded in 1897 in Barcelona and was known as a hub for artistic and cultural life. The cafe is set in a modernist building Casa Marti and was inspired by Le Chat Noir in Paris. They offer drinks, food, and a vibrant Bohemian spirit. Being a hub of creativity, the cafe has brought together famous artists such as Santiago Rusinol and Ramin Casas. The great Picasso contributed to the cafe’s menu design, and his influence can be seen all over the cafe.

New York Cafe in Budapest

The New York Cafe is Europe’s most iconic and luxurious cafe. Considered one of the world’s most beautiful cafes, the establishment is famous for its array of cakes and Hungarian chocolates. For coffee lovers, the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee in this stunning and lavish environment comes at a price.

Cafe Central in Vienna

This Viennese establishment was established in 1876 and has since been a meeting place for some of the greatest minds, such as Leon Trotsky and Sigmund Freud. Yes, this cafe has had its fair share of influential visitors. If you are looking for a perfect cup of coffee, this is definitely the place for you. The establishment offers traditional coffee specialties, a broad selection of Viennese dishes in a historical location.

Sant’Eustachio il in Rome

Located in the heart of the city, this stand-up cafe is a landmark in Rome. It was founded in 1938 and is situated near the Piazza Navona. Serving heaven in a cup, Sant’Eustachio is a bucket list stopover for coffee lovers. The establishment serves a special unique blend of coffee whose recipe is still a secret to date. Every cup of coffee is delicious and sweetened, so if you like your’s unsweetened, remember to voice your request.

Cutbow Coffee in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The establishment is set up by one of the nation’s most renowned artisan coffee roasters, Paul Gallegos. With every batch he roasts, his exemplary skills as a master of the craft can be tasted. The cafe features a roastery, a coffee bar, and a tasting room where coffee lovers can sample a variety of coffee delights. The establishment’s name originates from the cutbow trout in honor of Paul’s father, who was an avid fisherman. They donate a portion of their sales proceeds to an organization that works towards water quality around fishing holes and watersheds.

Simple Kaffa in Taipei, Taiwan

Renowned for its dreamy design, the Simple Kaffa was created by the 2016 Taiwan World Barista Champion Berg Wu. They are famous for their cappuccinos and merge aspects of excellent coffee with art. The coffee bar is a well-hidden gem and is even considered the most difficult coffee bar to find in Taipei. Other than its fantastic coffee, the coffee bar also boasts an array of desserts and cakes.

The Zodiac Cafe in Greece

The Zodiac Cafe is located in Lixouri, Greece, and is known for the owner’s wonderful hospitality. Apart from the great coffee and foods available, visitors are drawn to the cafe due to their exceptional prices. The establishment is located in a quiet square away from the hustle and bustle and boasts of its fresh, plentiful dishes.

Le Procope in Paris

Le Procope is one of the oldest cafes in Paris and was established in 1686. The cafe is filled with the history of great intellectuals and writers such as Diderot, Thomas Jefferson, and Rousseau. The cafe is frequented by visitors who come to enjoy exceptional coffee, food, and desserts.

Cafe Odeon in Zurich

Did you know that Albert Einstein gave lectures in this cafe in 1911? Imagine listening to the Theory of Relativity over a cup of coffee. The cafe was established during the Second World War and welcomed political and social figures due to its location in neutral Switzerland. Other than food and drink, the cafe is famous for its quality coffee among both the locals and visitors.

Coffee enthusiasts are redefining the knowledge and expectations of coffee lovers and those entering the coffee industry. Big or small, the coffee shops we celebrate today pay homage to a product we are passionate about. These must-see coffee shops around the world can definitely find a home on your bucket list.

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