Top Tools You Need To Brew The Best Coffee

Top Tools You Need To Brew The Best Coffee

Most of the amusement of brewing your own coffee lies in the entire process of perfecting the art. This can include trying out different grinding methods, experimenting with a new brewing technique, observing what works well and then comparing it to the usual method of making coffee. However, let’s face it: There is also an appealing lure to all of those wonderful coffee kits we use to brew. From a chic coffee grinder to an efficient automated coffee maker, people tend to be just as much obsessed with the appearance of their coffee devices as they are with their zodiac signs.

But useful they undoubtedly are, and if you take a stroll into somebody’s kitchen and notice a Chemex and a gooseneck kettle, you can be confident you’re going to get a great cup.

If you are looking to take it a notch up on your coffee-brewing methods, here are five distinct types of tools that will assist you to not just make better coffee, but take pleasure in the process.

1. Manual Brew System

If you still haven’t taken the plunge head-first into the universe of manual brewing, right now is the time. There are a variety of manual brew techniques around, and the one that one works the best is going to totally depend on your preference.

It’s always preferable to start off small and work your way up, so unless you have one already, a French press or Chemex is an excellent place to begin. Remember that every type of brew method is somewhat different, so there is nothing preventing you from assembling a variety of brew systems. One morning you might want to have an Aeropress, and the following a V60.

Here are a few examples:

  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Chemex
  • Pour Over

2. Digital Scale

You may think that weighing out your coffee beans is a bit dodgy. However, this importance can’t be stressed enough. The water-to-bean proportion determines the quality and flavor of your coffee the most. Do not get your bathroom scale out — a digital kitchen scale is exactly what you need, and it will be able to do twice the duty for both your coffee and baking, so if you do not yet have one, it’s a clever investment.

There are coffee-specific scales such as the Hario Pour Over Scale (which is manufactured to work in conjunction with the Hario drip station). And for anyone wishing to really add to their assortment of coffee accessories, Acacia creates scales that are specially designed for the real coffee lovers (or the soon-to-be coffee lover), which monitors various aspects as you brew. The installed timer means that you are not required to have your cell phone or other timer at your side.

3. Burr Grinder

A coffee grinder is an essential tool for making great coffee, even if you do own an automated coffee maker. Coffee grinders could get pricey, but if you do not mind doing a bit of work for your coffee during the morning (which is what makes that mug taste nicer anyway), a small hand grinder — such as the Hario Skerton or the Porlex Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder — is a cheap alternative that will also play a dual role as a coffee travel device. Stick it in your purse and you can have amazing freshly brewed coffee anywhere you go.

4. Water Kettle

Many individuals by now have an electrical water kettle in their kitchen, although if you do not, now is the moment to spend some money on one. If you find yourself wishing to master the pour over technique, you are going to want a kettle with a gooseneck outlet, such as the one from Bonavita. The traditional Hario kettle, which you have almost certainly have seen at a couple of coffee shops already, also comes in an electronic edition: the Hario V60 Buono Electric Kettle.

If you’re looking at a wide range of kettle options, think about a kettle with a temperature adjustment on it. Bonavita also makes a little travel kettle if you are thinking about bringing your coffee fixation on a road trip when you are traveling. Obviously for that, a decent camp heater does the job, too.

5. Drip and Cold Brew Systems

Lastly, if you truly want to obsess about coffee, you could invest in sophisticated systems like the Yama Cold Brew System, which is just as much a beauty as it is an efficient tool used for cold brewing.

That pretty much sums up all you need to enjoy a delicious cup of morning coffee while reading the horoscope for your zodiac sign or simply just checking your emails. Enjoy!

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