Ways to attract customers to your coffee shop: Give A Free Coffee

Ways to attract customers to your coffee shop: Give A Free Coffee

Most people can’t function without their first cup of coffee in the morning. And with the booming coffee shop industry, you’re sure to find a cafe on each corner. But what is more enticing than a free cup of coffee from your favorite cafe? It’s the perfect combination, free coffee in a comfortable setting, and your favorite book. The Zodiac Cafe allows customers to win a free cup of coffee, simply by signing up to their website cafe.

The coffee shop industry is a booming business. As of 2019, 64 percent of Americans, aged 18 and over, consumed coffee every single day. Furthermore, the average American consumes 2.7 cups of coffee per day, with the average cup size measuring around nine ounces. Additionally, the US is known for creating some of the biggest coffee shop brands in the world, such as Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, and more. Competition can be very fierce for the small business owner thinking of starting up his/her own coffee shop, or even for existing coffee shop owners. Here are seven sure-fire ways of standing out from the crowd and increasing your foot traffic:

1. Promotions, Free Samples, Giveaways, and Free Coffee

With such a booming market, one way of getting your foot in the door, and grabbing your own slice of the market share pie, is to offer free cups of coffee through a competition. You could take it a step further and link this to a promotion. With every ten cups of coffee bought, the customer wins one free cup of coffee. Additionally, offering small samples of new items on the menu or offering sample size bagged coffee beans is a fantastic way to attract more foot traffic through the front door.

2. Create online deals

More people are online than ever before. Use this by offering e-deals on social media, or online banner ads. Furthermore, you could run online promotions that can be redeemed in your shop. You could easily extend the reach of your shop by increasing your online presence, thereby attracting customers from different locations.

3. Create Seasonal Drinks

Did someone say pumpkin spice coffee in the fall? Yes, please! What about floral-infused teas in summer? I’ll take one of those, thank you very much. Offering seasonally inspired drinks is a great way to spark curiosity in new customers. After all, variety is the spice of life! Appeal to new customers by brewing up the latest seasonal flavors.

4. Outstanding Customer Service

Don’t be fooled, the most powerful form of advertising is word of mouth. Outstanding customer service caters to the needs and wants of your target market. And in doing so, you will not only attract a large new following, but you will also maintain a loyal customer base. More often than not, customers tend to be more loyal when the service is great. And will continue to return for the same great service.

5. Decor

The last thing you want to do, as a small fish in a big pond, is to blend in. Special attention needs to be given to decor and the brand of the cafe. Trendy, hip, and upmarket, or social, comfortable, and cozy. Think about lighting and color scheme. Consider modern and sleek, or thick padded benches for comfort. Whichever route you take, make sure that you stand out from the competition by creating an atmosphere through your decor.

6. Be Tech Savvy

We live in the information age, where everything a consumer could ever want or need, is only a google-search away. Is your cafe only a click away? Is your cafe “findable”? When potential customers google search “coffee shops near me”, does your coffee shop’s name pop up? Is your website optimized? Is it mobile-friendly? You could be missing out on hundreds of potential customers, simply because you aren’t fully utilizing the power of the internet.

7. Offer a Wide Variety of Coffee

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s in here for a reason. There is a large selection of possible options that you can offer your clients. The key is to find a variety that appeals to your target market and switching it up by adding seasonal varieties and promotions. This not only includes coffee, but also tea, juices, and other small food items to compliment the drinks.

From running online promotions to changing up your decor, the ultimate goal is to increase foot traffic. There are several ways a cafe can attract and increase its customer base but, the quickest way to achieve this is simply by offering clients the opportunity to win a free coffee in a weekly promotional competition. And, while attracting new customers may be the initial goal, maintaining them should be the long-term goal. Zodiac Cafe offers potential customers a fantastic opportunity.

Win a free coffee when you sign up on our cafe website!

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